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My name is Sandra Cain and I manage Wordshaker.  I'm a published author under my own name, as well as a ghostwriter and editor of numerous books including fiction, non-fiction, children, young adult and academic titles.  I've been a judge for several nationally recognised writing competitions, including the BBC's 'End of Story' competition, the Fresher Writing Prize and nycmidnight.com.

A university professor in creative and media writing for the past fourteen years, I've authored several undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in creative writing and publishing. I'm also a regular contributor at writing festivals and international conferences. I'm a member of the Association of Authors, a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors, a fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK), a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, a member of the National Association of Writers in Education and a member of the International Association of Conscious and Creative Writers. I am a ghostwriter with Gotham Ghostwriters in New York and Reedsy.com in London. I'm also an associate ghostwriter with the Susan Mears Literary Agency who represent authors working in the arena of transformative literature - both business and interpersonal.

Please contact me for a list of authors we have worked with and I will supply you with recommendations.

I look forward to travelling with you on your writerly journey. Let's begin ...



‘…an important and useful addition to public relations collections…’ – Reference Reviews


An in-depth glossary, this accessible book successfully introduces students to the key concepts, themes and principles of Public Relations. Terms are organized alphabetically and are fully cross-referenced for ease of use. Suggestions for further reading help to consolidate knowledge and aid understanding.

The chapter samples are clearly written and unlike some academic book proposals, it seems to have sprung out of the authors own experience as practitioners and teachers and not from some disembodied theoretical obsession.’ – Andrew Crisell, University of Sunderland

‘This is a clear and robust proposal, which successfully marries theoretical and contextual issues with practical insights. This is very important as it addresses the desire within higher education to synthesise theory and practice in media-related subjects.’ – Sarah Niblock, Brunel University
Media Writing: A Practical Introduction is a lively and critically-enriched book that adopts current pedagogical and real-world practices to introduce readers successfully to the understanding and application of writing for the media. With case studies to illustrate its concepts, this introductory text merges theory and practice to provide students with a critical vocabulary that will enhance discussions of key media practices and texts and enable them to communicate effectively throughout a variety of media.

Craig Batty and Sandra Cain employ a range of scholarly principles, practical tools and applied case studies to offer a grounded and contemporary understanding of writing to cover a broad selection of creative industries: print and broadcast journalism; public relations and media relations; advertising and copywriting: fictional and factual screenwriting. An essential resource for journalism, media and creative writing students, Media Writing offers a rich insight into how the creative industries interact with digital technology.