Editing Services

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What is Proof Reading and Line Editing?

Proof reading and line editing focus on effective and creative choices for structure, language and style to ensure that your project is clear, powerful, and pleasurable to read.  


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What is Copy Editing?

Copy editing corrects spelling, punctuation and syntax errors. It ensures consistency of spelling, hyphenation, numerals, fonts and capitalisation.  It also corrects factual errors, which is especially important for non-fiction. 

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Our Editing Services

Can’t see the wood for the trees? Have a wandering narrative: a beginning, a muddle and an end? Don’t let your non-fiction narrative, project or business title flounder.  The editing process is extremely important for your project to have impact.  Clarity and comprehension are vital and will make or break any project. We offer a manuscript and/or digital content editing service from copy to full structural editing.  We understand your frustration and can help craft your words into a message that has brevity and impact.

Our proofreading service:

1.     Corrects spelling mistakes and typos.

2.     Corrects punctuation and grammar errors.

3.     Ensures a consistent and well-structured layout.

4.     Corrects formatting inconsistencies such as font, spacing, bullet lists.

5.     Ensures consistency of tense.

6.     Ensures subject–verb agreement.

7.     Ensures consistency of capitalisation and hyphenation.

8.     Notes errors of in-text quotes.

9.     Suggests ways of cutting very long sentences or dividing paragraphs.

10.   Notes where the meaning of the text is unclear or confusing.

11.   Identifies incorrect use of words and suggests alternatives.

12.   Ensures consistency of chapter headings, headlines, footnotes and page numbering.

13.   Checks references and bibliography are correct and consistent.

14.   Checks functionality of links.

Our copy-editing service:

1.     Checks all proofreading issues.

2.     Improves quality of word usage and flow of text.

3.     Improves sentence and paragraph structure.

4.     Ensures text is concise and removes redundant wording.

5.     Revises awkward phrasing without losing the author's voice and style.

Our fees for editing are reasonable and negotiable.  We offer either a per project or a per word rate depending on the complexity of the project and whether you require a simple copy edit or a full structural edit.  Please contact us for a confidential chat about your needs and requirements and we will be happy to help.