The Importance of Voice in Ghostwriting

It's YOUR voice that matters ...

One of the most important things for any ghostwriter is to write in the ‘voice’ of their client. It’s also one of the hardest to nail. Ghostwriters act as a conduit, translating their client’s thoughts and feelings on a subject onto paper or screen. They are expected to write a text or document that reflects their client’s words as though they had written those words themselves. To be effective they need to refine their writing voice to reflect the expectations and vision of their clients, whether they are a corporate entity wanting a newly minted, sharply written brochure to inform and persuade or a self-help author wishing to spread their inspiring message,

There are several ways to help the process of finding a client’s voice. At Wordshaker we always put our clients first. We understand the importance of creating long-term relationships. We listen to our clients - we assess their needs and we adapt our writing to their preferred style and voice. Essentially we search for ways in which our clients best engage an audience and aim to reflect that in our writing.

Many of our clients want their books to reflect their personalities, so it’s our job to find out who and what that personality is and to tap into their personal voice. We pay attention to our client’s natural speaking style. Are they fun and flirty; dry and academic; serious or funny, energetic or slower-paced? Do they speak in long drawn-out sentences or short pithy sound bites? Do they use characteristic expressions or buzz words?

Ultimately, we provide content where the client remains uniquely visible.  It’s about combining our craft with their unique voice. After all ... it's not our voice that matters, it's yours!